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So glad you are here. Research shows that finding the right "fit" in a therapist is one of the most important factors in having a transformative experience in therapy. I offer free 20 minute phone consultations to learn a bit about your presenting concerns and see if we might be a good fit to work together. 

Alice Boertje

Alice believes there are not only strategies to build one’s resilience but new ways for an individual to experience life in their internal (emotions, mind and body) and external (relational) world. Using the framework of narrative-focused therapy, Alice incorporates a developmental and holistic approach rooted in attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology and depth psychology in working with teenagers, adults and the family system to promote the desired change and growth individual(s) seek.

Alice specializes in working with sexual trauma, depression, anxiety and those struggling with addictions. In therapy clients learn to listen and become receptive to the messages their body is signaling to them about their distress instead of simply learning to ignore or worse, repress the distress signals.


Humans are complex beings and Alice incorporates a variety of therapeutic interventions including EMDR, Somatic-based interventions, Mindfulness, CBT, DBT, CPRT (child-parent relationship therapy), and art therapy as appropriate to further understanding, growth and healing.


Alice has extensive cross-cultural experience and specialized training in working with third-culture individuals (TCK's) and families in global transition. She offers preventative research based care for TCK's and their families so they can flourish through each stage of their journey and development.

  • Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Concordia University Chicago

  • Narrative Focused Trauma Care Level I & II certificate program from The Allender Center

  • TCK Debriefing: certified through TCK Training

  • EMDR certified

  • With specialized training in trauma care, Alice has experience working in out-patient clinics with adults and treatment centers for children and teenagers




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