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Debriefs are two day parent-led debriefs. We have a lot of activities during the day and since they are debriefing and emotionally processing, they can be hard days. We recommend setting aside two days just for this, without anything big on the calendar immediately afterwards. 

Both virtual and in-person debriefs are done by a TCK Trained therapist.

Virtual family Debrief

As for structure, we'll meet over zoom without the kids and I can explain the Day1 activities you'll lead your kids through and the reasons behind each of these activities. After we get off our first call, you will lead your kids through those activities, keeping their worksheets for our next call. In our next call, we'll go over what happened in the debrief. I'll look over all the worksheets, and I'll equip you for the next day of debriefing. In our final meeting, we'll talk about the last day's activities, next steps, and a time to answer any questions or concerns you have. 


The virtual debrief is $450. In order to get this scheduled, we need to pick dates. After we've agreed on dates and times, you will receive a contract, questionnaire, and invoice. If your debrief is in the next two weeks, you will receive the full invoice. Otherwise, it's a 10% non-refundable deposit, and we'll invoice the remaining balance after the debrief. 

In-Person Debriefs

The in-person debrief is a two day (9am-5pm) format that covers emotions, identity, grief and loss, and subconscious expectations.

On the first day, we would have you, the parents, join us at 3-5pm. On the second day, you'll join us for the whole afternoon. We'll do the family grief timeline together and then we'll let the kids go so we can talk privately about suggested next steps.

The in-person debriefs are $1600 (+travel expenses, if required).

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