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Family Portrait

Family Therapy

In family therapy, you can expect to work with a therapist who will help you and your family members improve communication, resolve conflicts, and build stronger relationships. The therapist will guide through exercises and discussions to identify patterns of behavior and find ways to create positive change. Family therapy can be a safe and supportive space to work through challenges and strengthen your family bond.

Family therapy will incorporate attachment theory and a neurobiological perspective which focuses on how relationships and the brain are interconnected (the research of Dr. Daniel Siegel). The therapist will work with you and your family to understand how the brain and nervous system are affected by interactions and relationships. This approach emphasizes the importance of empathy attunement, and emotional regulation to promote healing and growth.

By understanding how the brain and relationships are intertwined, family therapy can help to create long-lasting positive changes.

Family therapists view the therapeutic relationship as a means to an end rather than as an end in itself. Family therapists see beyond the problematic patterns in the family to the potential healing power of family relationships.

Joseph A. Micucci

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