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Cross Cultural Transition Preparation 

• Third Culture Kids (TCK's)
• Families

Cross-cultural therapy is a form of therapy that takes into consideration cultural differences and their impact on mental health. It can help individuals from diverse backgrounds better understand themselves and others, and to navigate the challenges they face in their lives when living in a new culture. A common phenomenon is known as culture shock which is experienced by individuals who are in a new environment with a different culture than their own. It can cause feelings of anxiety, confusion, and disorientation as individuals adjust to new customs, languages, and social norms. Understanding culture shock and its effects can help individuals cope and adapt, leading to a more positive experience in their new surroundings. By embracing diversity and respecting cultural differences, cross-cultural therapy offers a safe and supportive space for all individuals to heal and grow.

Alice has extensive cross-cultural experience and specialized training in working with third-culture individuals (TCK's) and families in global transition. She offers preventative research based care for TCK's and their families so they can flourish through each stage of their journey and development.

When we think of the word culture, obvious representations such as how to dress, eat, speak, and act like those around us come to mind. But learning culture is more than learning conformity to external patterns of behavior. Culture is also a system of shared concepts, beliefs, and values. It is the framework from which we interpret and make sense of life and the world around us.

David C. Pollock

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